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Russell Schwarm


Russell Schwarm: We Grow It, so We’ve Got to Promote It

I’m a fourth-generation farmer raising soybeans, corn and wheat with my brother and son-in-law in Fayette County. I hope future generations in my family – including my six grandchildren – get to be a part of my farm. That’s why I work every day to take care of my fields and give back to this industry by advocating for it.

The majority of decision makers are pretty far removed from the farm, so they need to hear from us. Why is it so important to make these connections? It’s about creating understanding – helping them see what we’re doing every day to be efficient and good stewards of the land.

A lot of individuals and organizations are already doing this. Groups like Illinois Soybean Growers and American Soybean Association have helped farmers get to where they are today by advocating on our behalf. And I’d like to personally thank Kent and Janet Hodel, C.W. Gaffner and Dwain Ford, just some of the dedicated farmers who have inspired me to contribute to Illinois soybean advocacy.

Just a click of a mouse and you’ve done something good

We grow it, so we’ve got to promote it – no one else will. If legislators and regulators don’t hear our story, they won’t know what the right thing is for us farmers.

The Voice for Soy legislative action network makes advocacy easy and convenient. You just click submit and presto. I’m not one who likes to sit down and write letters, so it’s nice that Voice for Soy has it all ready. When an action alert comes through, it only takes a minute to do something good for yourself and others.

Growing a strong future requires strong advocacy

There are a lot of issues out there that can improve or impair our industry’s success: transportation infrastructure, expanding trade markets and water regulations are just a few. If we want to ensure our farms stay vital well into the future for the generations that follow us, we need to make our voices heard. And Voice for Soy is an easy way to do just that.

For Russell Schwarm, farming truly is a family affair. He and his brother, Mike, and son-in-law, Scott, farm together. As the fourth generation to be raising crops on his family’s land, he looks forward to sharing the farm with his six grandchildren who make the world go ’round.