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Illinois Soybean Growers Impressed with EPA’s Renewable Fuel Standard Final Rule

Illinois Soybean Growers (ISG) is encouraged after the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced its Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) Final Rule, setting biomass-based diesel volume requirements at 1.63 to 2.00 billion gallons for 2014-2017. This final rule is a significant improvement from the EPA’s previously announced proposals.

“The additional growth in the biomass-based diesel volumes positions our Illinois soybean farmers for success,” said Mike Levin, ISG director of issues management and analysis. “Soybeans are used to make biodiesel – a renewable fuel that helps support Illinois agriculture and the state’s economy.”

The Final Rule sets the biomass-based diesel volumes at the following levels:

2014 – 1.63 billion gallons
2015 – 1.73 billion gallons
2016 – 1.90 billion gallons
2017 – 2.00 billion gallons

The U.S. produced a record-breaking 1.8 billion gallons of biodiesel in 2013, according to the EPA. That year, the organization proposed setting the 2014 RFS Renewable Volume Obligations (RVO) at 1.28 billion gallons – much lower than the production level. In early 2015, the EPA set biomass-based diesel targets to a maximum of 1.90 billion gallons through 2017 – still not enough to reach recent production rates.

However, the new increase in volume requirements is a modest change that ISG commends and considers a step in the right direction to capitalizing on Illinois’ potential biodiesel growth.

Read more about the EPA’s Renewable Fuel Standards here: http://www.epa.gov/otaq/fuels/renewablefuels/documents/420f15028.pdf

For more information about the benefits of biodiesel, please visit www.ilsoy.org/biodiesel.

Illinois Soybean Growers (ISG) is a membership organization serving more than 43,000 Illinois soybean growers. ISG provides advocacy in Springfield and Washington, D.C., to promote the interests of Illinois soybean farmers and programs that enhance soybean production and demand. Voice for Soy, the online action center supported by ISG, allows growers to easily connect with legislators and regulators to advocate for Illinois agriculture. For more information about ISG, visit the website www.ilsoygrowers.com.


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