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News Updates

ISA Appreciates Swift Senate Farm Bill Approval

ISA today expressed its appreciation to the Senate for approving the 2014 Farm Bill. ISA Vice Chairman Mike Marron says:

“ISA appreciates the Senate’s approval of the Agricultural Act of 2014. The bill includes a flexible farm safety net that includes a choice between price-based and revenue-based risk management tools. ISA supported the revenue program that covers both price and yield losses with county and farm level options, and a price support program which allows the optional purchase of insurance coverage under a Supplemental Coverage Option (SCO).

“The bill also eliminates direct payments while maintaining decoupled farm support programs that will minimize the possibility of planting and production distortions that could trigger new global challenges.

“The bill continues the combined authorization of agriculture and nutrition programs, a link that has been essential in enacting every farm bill since 1974. With $23 billion in savings during the next 10 years, agriculture is the only sector that has contributed to deficit reduction in the 113th Congress.

“While this has been a trying process, we believe conferees have produced a framework that will serve the best interests of Illinois soybean farmers. We thank Illinois lawmakers, including Senator Durbin, who worked on this legislation, and encourage President Obama to sign it into law as soon as possible.”