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Key Issues

Advocate for fair public policies that impact your farm.

  • Illinois Biodiesel Sales and Use Tax Credit

    The Illinois Biodiesel Sales and Use Tax Credit, which is expected to remain intact until December 31, 2018, is a tool that helps the biodiesel industry create strong economic activity in Illinois.

  • Biotech Approvals

    Biotech approvals are key to ensuring farmers have access to technologies that help them successfully grow a high quality crop.

  • Expanding Cuban Trade

    ISG sees great potential in the island nation of Cuba. It is estimated that at least 20 percent of Cuba's U.S. corn and soy imports originate from Illinois.

  • Farm Bill

    Congress reviews and renews the Farm Bill about every five years, setting national policy regarding agriculture and food issues. This page highlights changes compared to previous bills and the actions farmers need to take.

  • Federal Biodiesel Tax Exemption

    Congress passed a tax package that includes a two-year extension of a $1/gallon biodiesel tax credit. The credit strengthens biodiesel's competitiveness and further supports domestic biodiesel production.

  • Renewable Fuel Standards

    The EPA has proposed biomass-based diesel volume requirements at 2.1 billion gallons in 2018. This announcement calls for a modest increase which remains lower than recommendations.

  • GMO Labeling

    Growing safe food is our top priority. State-by-state GMO labeling laws will cause confusion and raise food costs for Illinois families.

  • Increased Animal Agriculture in Illinois

    Livestock production drives local demand for Illinois soybeans. Support the growth of Illinois animal agriculture for the success of soybean growers and the health of rural and urban economies.

  • Nutrient Loss Reduction Strategy (NLRS)

    Existing incentive-based program implements best management practices to help reduce nutrient losses.

  • Sustainable Soybean Production

    Ensure your farm stays economically healthy. The definition of sustainability in Illinois must meet today’s needs and keep our farm businesses viable for the future.

  • Transportation Infrastructure Maintenance & Improvement

    A crumbling transportation infrastructure system can cost soybean farmers an additional $1 per bushel. Join ISG in supporting investments for transportation infrastructure.

  • Truck Weight Limits

    It is critical that Illinois’ 43,000 soybean farmers can safely and efficiently move soybeans from the field to the market place, so ISG supports increasing the truck weight limits to 91,000 pounds for six-axle trucks.

  • Waters of the United States (WOTUS)

    WOTUS creates an enormous amount of uncertainty and risk for Illinois soybean farmers who could be subjected to federal permitting requirements before making any changes to their land.

  • Worldwide Market Access Support

    ISG monitors a number of issues that can affect Illinois soybean farmer market access around the world, including free trade agreements, trade-distorting policies and opportunities with China.

  • Illinois Legislator Guide

    A list of all legislators representing Illinois, including those who ran against them in the November elections. Election outcomes are noted in bold font.