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Advocacy Champions

Mobilizing Grassroots Action – Multiplying Farmer Voices

Advocacy Champions share action alerts and key issues with other Voice for Soy users, so that even more Illinois soybean farmers can make their opinions heard by legislators and regulators. Plus, Champions share their personal stories directly with lawmakers each time there’s an action alert, making a greater impact on the outcomes of key decisions.


Learn more about the Voice for Soy Advocacy Champions and the issues they stand for by visiting their profiles below.


Hometown: Moweaqua, IL


Issues I’ve Acted On: WOTUS, Biodiesel Tax Credits, Farm Bill


“Advocacy finds new markets, raises the bottom dollar of our soybeans and limits overregulation.”


Hometown: Shelbyville, IL


Issues I’ve Acted On: Crop Insurance Cuts, WOTUS, Truck Weight Limits


“I want to do anything I can to make sure the farmer’s viewpoint is heard.”


Hometown: Nokomis, IL


Issues I’ve Acted On: WOTUS, Farm Bill, GMO Labeling


“We’re all fighting for the same thing. If we speak with legislators, they’ll listen.”

Jered Hooker_200x240

Hometown: Clinton, IL


Issues I’ve Acted On: Farm Bill, GMO Labeling


“I have a multigenerational legacy to protect and continue to build. Advocacy is essential to that success.”


Hometown: Aledo, IL


Issues I’ve Acted On: WOTUS, Nutrient Loss Reduction Strategy


“If you don’t advocate for your own business, who will?”


Hometown: Atlanta, IL


Issues I’ve Acted On: Water Regulations


“I could see the results of all the hard work to pass the vote”


Hometown: Farina, IL


Issues I’ve Acted On: Nutrient Loss Reduction Strategy, Truck Weight Limits, WOTUS


“It only takes a minute to do something good for yourself and others.”


Hometown: Normal, IL


Issues I’ve Acted On: WOTUS, Trade Policies, Farm Bill


“Our message to legislators is unique, and we need all hands on deck to tell it.”


Hometown: Shannon, IL


Issues I’ve Acted On: GMO Labeling, WOTUS, Renewable Fuel Standards


“At the very least, I’ve taken the time to stand up for my farm and my family to say what I think.”


Hometown: Dunlap, IL


Issues I’ve Acted On: Trade Promotion Authority, Nutrient Loss Reduction Strategy, Renewable Fuel Standards


“Legislators don’t want to hear your perspective from someone else – they need to hear it from you.”