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GMO Labeling

Aligning With Consumer Expectations

Providing consumers with safe food is a top priority for Illinois soybean farmers. Food made with genetically modified organisms (GMO) has been declared safe by every major scientific body and regulatory agency in the world. Biotechnology provides plentiful, affordable food options for American families.


In 2016, a national GMO labeling mandate was passed into law that requires food companies to disclose food products that contain genetically engineered ingredients – a process led by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) that may take several years to implement.

Illinois Soybean Growers (ISG) supports the national standard for GMO labeling, which avoids individual state laws that would place burdens on the agriculture and food industries.


GMO Labeling Update September 11, 2017


USDA released its study on providing consumers access to information via the National Bioengineered Disclosure Standard. This study will be used to guide labeling legislation and impact future bioengineering guidelines.


Status of the Federal GMO Labeling Law


On July 29, 2016 President Barack Obama signed into law a national GMO labeling requirement for food companies, pre-empting state labeling laws, such as the one in Vermont.


  • The law directs the USDA to determine which foods will qualify for the label within the next two years.
  • Food companies will have the option of on-package text, a USDA-created symbol or a website link to more information in the form of a QR code scanned by smart phones.