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Sustainable Soybean Production

Doing Right For Our Farms And Our Futures

Carefully managing natural resources and reducing our environmental impacts are hallmarks of soybean production. For years, Illinois farmers have been reducing tillage and pesticide use, conserving water, and improving soil quality.


Illinois soybean farmers have a simple goal: Get soybeans from the field into customers’ hands in the most sustainable way possible. Sustainable agriculture meets today’s needs while helping future generations by:


  • Increasing productivity to meet future needs while decreasing environmental impact.
  • Improving access to safe food and feed, and the production of renewable fuel that reduces air quality impacts.
  • Improving the social and economic well-being of farmers and the global community.

Sustainable agricultural practices are important not only for effective resource management but also for keeping farming businesses healthy.


EPA Pesticide Rule Update August 5, 2015


In August, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued a proposal to revise the Certification of Pesticide Applicators rule, including:


  • First-time private applicators would need to pass a test.
  • Sets a nationwide age minimum of 18 to apply for certification.
  • Requires recertification every three years for private applicators with five hours of training; more training is needed if applicators want to be certified in another category.


— A Continuing Education Credit (CEU) Training Program would be implemented; CEUs are defined as 50 minutes of active training time, and private and commercial applicators would need six CEUs covering core content (general standards), three CEUs for each private category (e.g., aerial fumigation) and six CEUs for each commercial category.


ISG supports the health and safety of our farmers, but does not agree with more regulations that could negatively impact the ability of farmers to efficiently produce soybeans. Currently, the state of Illinois requires a private applicator exam and retest every three years to maintain certification for restricted use pesticides. The EPA is accepting comments on the proposal until Nov. 23, 2015.